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We all know the same pains: the stinging nicks in your skin from shaving. The watering eyes from nipping at hard-to-tweeze hairs. The burning sensation of your skin after it’s just been waxed. Sure, we all want luxurious locks, it’s just that we want it all confined to the top of our head.

But what if we told you that body hair removal didn’t have to be this difficult? If you’re looking to remove hair more efficiently and permanently, then it’s time to explore a new avenue: laser hair removal and its benefits:

It’s designed to be permanent.

Laser hair removal is a perfect hair removal solution because it doesn’t involve the same, continual frustration involved in waiting for your hair to grow back to an adequate length just so that you can remove it… all over again. Instead, laser hair removal is designed to permanently reduce hair growth by destroying your hair follicles during its growth cycle. In fact, after only six treatments, most patients experience about 95 percent hair removal.

There’s virtually no recovery period.

Do you have an appointment to go work out with your personal trainer after your treatment? Or maybe you’re looking to hit the beach and lay in the sun? Go for it. Another great benefit of laser hair removal is that there’s no required downtime post-treatment. You’ll leave the office feeling as great as you look.

You don’t have to fear the burn.

Here at The Aesthetics Lab, we offer the gold standard of laser hair removal: the Soprano ICE. The Soprano ICE is one of the most advanced lasers on the market: it’s clinically proven method is virtually painless and involves minimal side effects. Plus, the Soprano ICE staves off injury and pain to surrounding tissue, cools the skin surface and prevents superficial burns and the sensation of pain

Not sure laser hair removal will work for your skin? We guarantee it will.

One of the reasons the Soprano ICE is the chosen piece of technology for The Aesthetics Lab is because it’s both powerful and incorporates a variety of wavelengths and technologies. This effectively allows us to treat a wide range of patients, as it is clinically proven to be the safest method for all skin types and allows us to customize our treatments. Plus, our method gradually heats the skin until the hair follicle is destroyed, meaning your skin will remain protected even if you are tanned or have a naturally darker complexion.

If you’re ready to win the battle against unwanted and ever-returning hair in a more fast, efficient, and precise way, it’s time to turn to laser hair removal. Call The Aesthetics Lab or visit us today to schedule an appointment. It’s smooth sailing from here!

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