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Changing the way, we think about health and wellness- being proactive rather than reactive! At The Aesthetics Lab we are all about this. We are focused on treating patients before they’re ill and keeping their immune systems operating at their best. Let’s be honest, most of us do not consume enough vitamins, nutrients, and water in our day to day lives. Even mild dehydration and nutrient deficiencies can negatively affect how we feel, function, and perform throughout the day. One of the most important things you can do is keep your immune system at its top performance level so that it can adequately defend and protect your body. At The Aesthetics Lab we personalize IV hydration therapies to ensure your body is getting essential vitamins, nutrients, and the hydration it needs to look, feel, and perform its very best. By introducing nutrients right into your bloodstream, we bypass the gut and deliver these nutrients directly into the cells that need it. This allows your body to feel the effects of higher concentrations of nutrients and vitamins and it accelerates recovery and healing times. With IV hydration you get 100% absorption which raises levels in your body far beyond what can be done with oral supplementation.

Top benefits of IV hydration therapy:

  • Detoxes and flushes out toxins
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Boost a healthy immune system
  • Makes skin glow
  • Anti-Aging benefit
  • Relieves handover and/or jet lag
  • Improves energy and focus levels
  • Minimizes headaches
  • Improves overall mood
  • Improves physical performance and physic


Check out our IV Fluid Lounge to learn more about the IV hydration therapies offered at Bella Mia Medical.


IV Fluid Lounge


Am I A Candidate For IV Fluids?

Almost anyone is a great candidate for an IV fluid treatment at Bella Mia in Tampa, FL. Whether you want to support overall health, boost your immune system, recover, or slow down the effects of aging, IV fluid therapy can be personalized to your specific needs. During your consultation, we will listen to your needs, review your medical history and current health, and then determine if this therapy is right for you.

What Should I Expect After IV Fluids?

After receiving IV fluid therapy, you can expect several benefits due to the direct delivery of nutrients and hydration into your bloodstream. This method bypasses the digestive system, allowing for immediate and more effective absorption. Some of the common outcomes include increased hydration, enhanced energy levels, improved mood, and potentially better skin health. The effects are typically felt quite soon after the treatment. This therapy also aims to support overall wellness by boosting immune function, detoxifying the body, and helping with recovery from conditions like hangovers or jet lag.

IV Fluids FAQ

Is IV hydration therapy safe?

Yes, IV hydration therapy can be safe for the vast majority of patients. When administered by Dr. Panchal and the experienced members of our team at The Aesthetics Lab, IV hydration therapy is very safe and effective. During your consultation, we will talk to you about your medical history and current condition to ensure that IV therapy is right for you.

Does getting IV fluids hurt?

No, the procedure itself doesn’t hurt at all. Some people may feel mild discomfort as the IV drip is inserted — it is just like any other IV or similar to getting a shot.

How quickly does IV therapy work?

Many patients notice a hydrating and energizing effect almost immediately. Depending on the type of therapy you receive, the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will continue to provide positive results as your body metabolizes them to do everything from boosting your immune system and detoxing your system to rejuvenating your skin and reducing the signs of aging.

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